…Thus Far

(Released 2012)


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“…thus far” wanders through the human experience with a melancholy spirit that is undeniably laced with hope. From the opening love song “Six Strings” (written for Noah’s guitar, “Lady”), to the conversation with loved ones who’ve passed-on in “Gates of Heaven,” to the traveler’s anthem “A Vagabond’s Lullaby” …this album serves as a soundtrack for the searching-soul. It seems somehow appropriate then, that Noah recorded every track in an old bedroom, inside of an old farmhouse, with an old laptop computer, armed with an old “grind-it-out” mentality. This just might be the next album you fall in love with.

Noah’s 4/20/12 appearance on The Balancing Act airing on Lifetime Television, performing “A Vagabond’s Lullaby” from his debut solo album “…thus far.” Accompaniment provided by Noah’s good friend, Topher McGill.

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