Flesh & Metal

 (Released 2014)

Flesh & Metal - by Noah James Hittner  

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“Flesh & Metal” is a mesmerizing collage of genre-slashing, acousti-tronic rhythms, melodies and vocals that beg listeners to feel something.

“…one of the most unique, original, authentic and genre-melding collection of songs I have heard in quite some time. …the sound of a creative soul and his tools coming together  to form something you haven’t heard anywhere else. Mixing his acoustic-backed soulful vocals with an array of synthesized sounds, a variety of percussive rhythms, and a no-holds-barred approach to songwriting, Noah is in a lane of his own. With an abundance of instrumental breaks and musician showmanship, this record just does not get old.”
–Joshua Smotherman, Middle Tennessee Music

“…Flesh & Metal by Noah James Hittner is quite soothing and the album gives its listeners an opportunity to travel through an adventure of folk and blues-inspired sounds. The music has depth and a light airiness that makes it an ‘all the time’ music collection to listen to…”
–Eva Cantillo, Divide And Conquer

“Fans of his previous work will immediately see a growth as both a musician and songwriter.”
–LYGA, Singer/Songwriter

“…it [Flesh & Metal] never fails to entertain.”
–G. W. Hill, Music Street Journal

“Hittner’s voice is solid. It rates strong as a rock voice. There’s the feeling of being along with him on a journey through the mountains. If he feels lost right now, he’s in a grand songwriting tradition. There’s something to be said for singers, who’ve found truth and joy. Perhaps, this phase in his development will come later. For now, I’ll take satisfaction, I can come back to these 14 tracks and enjoy them.”
–Nathaniel Lathy, Music Emissions

“…a testament to music with no boundaries.”
–Keith Pro, Indie Band Guru

The official music video for the  song, “Stay Beautiful” from Noah’s 2nd solo album, “Flesh & Metal.”

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