County Road G

“The Long Way Around”

(Released 2011)

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“The Long Way Around” is a deeply melodic body of work that blends genres, moves the feet, and warms the heart. Taking the trio about 13 months to write, record, mix and manufacture, this album is a tribute to Love. From the epic ten minute classic-rock opener “Not Feelin’ Like a City-Boy Anymore,” to the closing country-rock dedication and album title track “The Long Way Around,” this album is dedicated to love of family, love of friends, and love of the places we all call home.

About the band…

From rural Wisconsin, Heather Kitching (bass), Jeff Strand (electric guitar), and Noah Hittner (acoustic guitar, vocals) began as a back-porch jam-band in the late spring of ’09, with no real aspirations of performing in public. One evening, after one particular song, Heather proclaimed, “Well, that was mildly entertaining!” And the rest is history.

Combining the influences of blues, folk, and classic rock, they performed mostly original material with a few select covers of their personal favorites, like Pink Floyd, Johnny Cash, Train, and others. Though County Road G has more or less disbanded, the music continues. Check out Jeff and Noah’s solo efforts below…

Jeff’s Solo Project
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Noah’s Solo Project
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County Road G performs “County Road G Blues,” live on WPR’s 88.9 FM Wednesday Night Blues show, 4-25-12.

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