The Modern-Day Buddha

10 Techniques to Cultivate Awareness and Understanding in a Busy World

The Modern-Day Buddha - by Noah James Hittner
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                                                   -Topher M

The Modern-Day Buddha (MDB) is a handy reference guide which offers ten short and impactful techniques that anyone can use on-the-spot to provide a quick, wholesome, and inspiring way to travel through their day-to-day life experience. Quite honestly, it could be called a handbook for wholeness.

Each technique contains an anecdote, accessible insight, and simple suggestions for action steps. All-in-all, it was my intention that the MDB’s message be clearly conveyed in a way that is gentle, efficient, and intriguing.

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Feedback and Questions:
If you would like to contact me regarding the material in The Modern-Day Buddha, or to offer an ‘11th Technique‘ (or for any other reason), please click on Contact Noah. Thank you in advance for taking the time to offer your thoughts.



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