Something to Give Back

 The Chronology of Awakening

Something to Give Back - by Noah James Hittner
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“…a tsunami of words that leaves you with a choice to flow with the wave, or be crushed by the force.”
                                                                                     -Sara H

Something to Give Back (SGB) offers a breathtaking tale of the evolution of human consciousness. This is a tale that ultimately draws but one conclusion:  We never truly err on our path as all things happen in perfect order.

SGB demonstrates that when we live without awareness of our moment-to-moment responsibility, our justifications to cling to our differences are then allowed to create the personal and global wars that we so frequently wage as a species. Yet, with awareness, those very same differences become the roots of peace—the reasons for it. It is my hope that this book will inspire awareness by encouraging readers to embrace the full extent of their responsibility, which means:  To see and create their lives freely, rather than how they were taught by their predecessors. In essence, this book details, chronologically, the transition that occurs as one moves away from the perception of being a result or a victim of life, and toward the perception of being a conscious cause or creator of it.

SGB is intentionally written in the first person (I, me, mine). Reading like an affirmation, it invites the reader into a potentially very powerful and personal experience. Nine chapters represent nine phases of The Chronology of Awakening. The chapters run backwards symbolizing the natural process of reduction—or simplification—that life experiences during its return journey to wholeness.

The book is roughly one third lesson telling—offering my own real life stories of pain, struggle and redemption; one third guidance or self-help—offering tools to inspire readers toward their own sense of truth and inspiration; and one third prophecy—providing an inspiring glimpse at life’s inevitable and ongoing process of coming into universal responsibility.

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Please enjoy Noah’s 5-28-13 interview for Something to Give Back with international psychic medium Julie Geigle in the player below.

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