Beyond Victim and Villain

33 discussions about life to become reacquainted with our vulnerability and reveal our oneness

Beyond Victim and Villain - by Noah James Hittner
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“…a marvelous adventure, deep into the soul.”
                                                                                                  -Mary M

Beyond Victim and Villain (BVV) provides radically new ways of looking at some of the most common sources of pain and violence in the human experience. Common challenges with fear, blame, and selfishness are discussed in a unique way that encourages openness and inquiry. The grander and arguably more obscure topics of unity-consciousness, divine responsibility, and purpose are also presented in an intriguing and nonthreatening manner.

BVV addresses these issues not by targeting or labeling anyone as ‘wrong’ or ‘right,’ but rather, by providing a space where the reader’s windshield of perspective can expand into something more grand, more all-inclusive, so as to simply encourage the question:  “Could there be more than what I ‘knew’ to be true?” The purpose of this kind of approach is to create an environment where the reader naturally begins to look less superficially at the events unfolding in life, enabling her or him to perceive truth and freedom where there might once have been ultimatum and crime.

Each of BVV’s thirty-three discussions begins with a story(s), many of them true to life, that link the topic at hand to a real-world, familiar context. The stories are followed by a question—rhetorical in nature—designed to encourage open-mindedness and self-honesty. Following this question, I offer detailed insights in a manner that I have made every effort to be perceived as nakedly honest. Each discussion is then concluded with a helpful, abbreviated synopsis of all ideas covered. Once again, through these discussions it is my hope that the reader’s perspective can become ‘wider’ and more omnipresent, allowing a personal sense of freedom and sovereignty to be expressed.

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Please enjoy Noah’s network television author interview for Beyond Victim and Villain on The Balancing Act airing on Lifetime Television (3-6-12), in the player below.

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