About Noah

Noah’s Mission…
To connect with the lives of as many people as possible in an inspiring and empowering way.

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Haling from the beautiful Midwestern USA, Noah was born in Minnesota and raised in Wisconsin near a small town on the Mississippi River. There, he spent much of his childhood on a dairy farm where he quite naturally gained a deep love and appreciation for wide-open spaces, fresh air, and the penetrating silence that can only come from the natural world.

He has had several professions which include the health and fitness industry, landscaping, catastrophe insurance, and others. His passions, however, are writing, music and travel.

Thus, Noah has appeared on Radio and Network TV as both an author and a musician.

About Noah’s Books…
Warming the heart and inspiring the mind, Noah has written and published 3 books on the topic of human consciousness, spirituality, and personal freedom. Currently, he is working on his first novel—an epic journey tale of love and friendship.

About Noah’s Music…
After procrastinating for over a decade, Noah picked up the guitar to begin the new year in 2009…and hasn’t put it down. Influenced by everything from folk rock to hip-hop, Noah has recorded and released 3 albums which blend the singer/songwriter, acoustic, pop, rock, and electronic styles into a new Acousti-Tronic genre. It is this collage of influences that creates a sound which begs his listeners to feel something. He performs live with the use of a looping pedal and various effects, creating a wildly entertaining, full-band sound. Listen to his latest album “Flesh & Metal” HERE.

For a far more detailed bio, please consider reading Noah’s third book:  Something to Give Back—The Chronology of Awakening (specifically, Chapter 7).

About Noah’s Company, The Ark of Music LLC
Noah is also the Creator, Owner & Operator of The Ark of Muisc LLC, which strives to enrich the music culture by connecting independent and small label musicians with the music-loving public. This is accomplished by providing the artists with Guaranteed Music Reviews which are then shared with a growing online followership.

Music lovers, learn more at: TheArkofMusic.com
Musicians, learn more at: GuaranteedMusicReview.com

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