I understand how offensive it may seem to be told that you, as an American citizen, should “earn” your vote on November 8th. But hear me out…

Many of us (most of us) have not given much time to our own personal level of voter-education. We’ve got kids, jobs, mortgages, loans, classes, etc. And so, we just catch a few soundbites on the news, we chat with our circle of people, and we cast a vote with little awareness. And, without even realizing it, our habit of slumbering through our elections has created a host of problems. For, as a result of our historical addiction to voting for the so called “Republicans” and “Democrats”, in return we’ve gotten:

  • Decades of war
  • A private banking cartel posing as our central banking system (i.e., The “Federal” Reserve)
  • Corporatocracyrather than Democracy
  • Absurd debt (i.e., national to personal)
  • Corporate Bailouts
  • More war
  • Corporate monopoly over our major-media
  • Pharmacology—rather than Healthcare
  • Escalating Racial Tension
  • Calculated dismantling of our Educational system
  • Even more war

On November 8th of this election year, it would behoove all of us to stop and think for a moment, to wake up and gain some awareness before we toss away yet another vote to the same old political parties.

So, arrogantly, I’m challenging all of you fellow-voters to do a bit of homework before you vote. All I’m asking is that you watch the 4 videos, and read the 2 articles, organized below. Just give them an honest view & read. 

It is my hope, that after watching and reading these resources, you will consider denying the major political parties your vote. I’m hoping you will stand with those of us who refuse to give our consent to this inherently, and profoundly corrupted system. That said, if after watching and reading them, you still feel that voting for either Clinton or Trump will solve our problems, by all means, do so…and I’ll have no grounds to complain.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


1) JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick:

2) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?:

3) Zeitgeist: The Movie:

4) The Commission on Presidential Debates Is Preventing Real Change From Occurring In America:


  1. Enlightening the Zeitgeist: 3 Reasons for Revolution
  2. A few REAL questions for the candidates to debate over



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