If the 2016 presidential candidates truly cared about creating a better community, they would be talking about Issues of Profound Relevance. What is an Issue of Profound Relevance? It is a core or central issue that creates most/all of the other Sub-Level Issues

Sub Level Issues are the stories you and I are told are the “real issues” by the TV and throughout the media. Some of these include:  healthcare, immigration, racial conflict, war, etc. This is not to suggest that Sub-Level Issues are not important or real. (On the contrary, quite the opposite is true, of course.) Yet, to claim that attacking Sub-Level Issues will solve anything is like trying to cure a cold by giving medical aid to the mucous sneezed into your tissue. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Thus, concerning Sub-Level Issues, there are two key ideas to understand:

  1. They are a RESULT:  Sub-Level Issues are merely a RESULT (i.e., a simple consequence) of the Issues of Profound Relevance.
  2. They are a DISTRACTION:  Sub-Level Issues are used by those who think they are in power (corporations, governments, etc.) to DISTRACT those who are actually in power (the people)

A few examples of Issue of Profound Relevance—which neither of the candidates want to discuss—are:

  1. The “Federal” Reserve’s true identity and the profoundly corrupt nature of its practices. This Issue of Profound Relevance leads to the Sub-Level Issues of:  unemployment, poverty, housing crises, corporate bailouts, healthcare crises, debt, racial animosity, the heroizing of capitalism, psychological stress, fear, war, etc.
  2. The Commission on Presidential Debates’ involvement in retarding voter education on a massive scale. This Issue of Profound Relevance leads to the Sub-Level Issues of:  money-dominated politics, corporatocracy-dominant policy, special interests, war, etc.
  3. The monopolization of our mass media outlets by 5 mega-corporations. This Issue of Profound Relevance leads to the Sub-Level Issues of:  constant threat of terrorism & perpetual national-security ploys, false-flag dramatics, racial tension, gun violence, civil unrest, walls being built, war, etc.

(NOTE:  For an in-depth expose and explanation on these Issues of Profound Relevance, please see my article:  Enlightening the Zeitgeist: 3 Reasons for Revolution.)

The 2016 presidential debates have been packed with Sub-Level Issues, (as well as a host of ridiculous, catty and childish nonsense). And so, I’ll reiterate:  If the 2016 presidential candidates truly cared about creating a better community, they would be talking about Issues of Profound Relevance. Thus, here are a few REAL questions for the candidates to debate over:

  1. Will either one of you multi-millionaire/billionaires finally confront the private banking cartel known as the “Federal” Reserve, and finally address that fact that:
    1. …the “Federal” Reserve is a private banking cartel which is about as “federal” as Federal Express?
    2. …this central banking system has fabricated the national/international debts out of thin air in order to indenture an entire culture?
    3. …the “Federal” Reserve needs to be audited once and for all!?!?!
  2. Will either one of you dismantle the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), which is, in fact, a corporation created by the respective heads of the Republican and Democratic parties, which has complete autonomous control over the presidential debates, and so has made it impossible for any other independent candidates to appear on the debate stage, only allowing the two major political gangs known as the Republicans and the Democrats, thereby retarding voter education on a profoundly massive scale, while simultaneously making it impossible for anyone who is not fully ingrained into the political corporatocracy to be elected as president, thereby resulting in the same old agendas (i.e., war and special/corporate interests) dominating our so-called foreign policy.
  3. Will either one of you dismantle the corporate monopolies currently presiding over our major mass media outlets so that a mere five mega-corporations will no longer own the vast majority of our media outlets, which has caused a massive retardation of how the public attains its information on global affairs and other important matters by lacing every event or story with a corrupted political/corporate agenda in favor of more war and more capitalistic venture, or even fabricating stories out of nowhere for false-flag purposes in order to drive the military industrial complex?
  4. Will either one of you have the courage to reject the bullshit 9/11 story that the public was force-fed all those years ago and finally tell us the truth?
  5. Will either one of you have the courage to stand up to the pharmaceutical houses and the sinister corporate forces behind them, in order to prevent them from laying down a Nazi-like mandatory vaccination legislation?
  6. Will either one of you be willing to give up your entire fortunes—and live like the rest of us, for the rest of your lives—in order to become president and truly SERVE your people?

Unfortunately, the debates are cleverly scripted, so as to keep a ruse going, whereby the Issues of Profound Relevance are never uttered…ever. For, to reveal and address any of them would bring the house of cards tumbling down quickly. This is because the only way to address any of them is to reveal a profound vein of corruption. 

What’s the Solution?
There is no quick fix, of course. Some, like the Thrive Movement, The Zeitgeist Movement, and The Venus Project have worked hard to create realistic strategies to take us from here, to where we want to go.

However, acutely speaking for this election, I would simply offer this:  Do not vote for either one, nor any Republican or Democrat, ever again. The same old vote(s), for the same old political party(s), will give us the same old result(s). Ignore those who tell you that a vote for neither is a vote for the “bad” one. This is the kind of twisted logic that has kept these two political parties (i.e. regimes) at play and in power for…well, forever. 

Break the cycle.
Change the pattern.
We’ve got to start somewhere.

Yours & looking forward,

P.S., Please also see my article, Earn Your Vote for more highly relevant information on this topic.


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