Southern Tennessee Music Gives Mad Love to Flesh & Metal

Noah James Hittner has a Winner with “Flesh & Metal”
(By Joshua [J.Smo] Smotherman of Southern Tennessee Music)

Flesh & Metal - COVER

As much as I have listened to this album over the past few weeks, I should have already written a review on it. However, there’s no time like the present. Make sure to check out our previous interview with Noah.

Flesh & Metal is definitely one of the most unique, original, authentic and genre-melding collection of songs I have heard in quite some time.

Listeners who enjoy discovering new and exciting singer/songwriters will enjoy this album.

Noah James Hittner hails from the beautiful Midwest. Spending his younger years on a dairy farm near the mighty Mississippi helped Noah develop a deep appreciation and love for the beautiful outdoors; it comes across in his tunes.

Having held positions in several professional fields, Noah has learned from experience that his true passions lie in writing, music, and traveling.

Flesh & Metal is the sound of a creative soul and his tools coming together  to form something you haven’t heard anywhere else. It’s difficult to describe but allow me to make an attempt.

Forming the nucleus of this creative talent is the man and his guitar. Taking the spirit of classic, folksy singer-songwriter styles, Noah starts with the basics. At this point, any genre, any sound, any mood becomes fair game for a Hittner tune.

Mixing his acoustic-backed soulful vocals with an array of synthesized sounds, a variety of percussive rhythms, and a no-holds-barred approach to songwriting, Noah is in a lane of his own.

You will really enjoy the moments when Noah stops singing and starts putting all his energy into playing. With an abundance of instrumental breaks and musician showmanship, this record just does not get old.

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