An Open Letter to Marianne Williamson

Dear Marianne,

My name is Noah James Hittner, and I’ve been watching your campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives; California District 33  from over here in Wisconsin for months now. I first wanted to take a moment to express how grateful I am that you took the initiative to get off the bench and walk intentionally into the lion’s den of the political arena. Many could argue that your life was rich and not worth risking in such a way. I applaud and respect you deeply for many reasons, but that one is tops.

Months ago, when I heard that you were running for Congress, I was—for perhaps the first time in my life—excited and hopeful about our political future. From what I know of your background as a spiritual leader, author, speaker, and messenger, it seems that you’ve intentionally investigated the truth of your reality from many different layers of your consciousness, making you—from my point of view—a candidate with profound potential to actually create something different than what we currently have…something wholesome.

Marianne, I’m writing this open letter to you because when I heard that your campaign did not win the congressional primary, my heart sank a bit, and I felt like I’d been kicked in the guts. The more I thought about it, the more frustrated I became. You see, from my perspective of the “common man” I look at someone like you and I see:

  • The spiritual awareness/elevated consciousness
  • The compassion
  • The integrity
  • The intelligence
  • The experience as a leader
  • The large following
  • The financial independence
  • The logic
  • The courage

And so, when I learned that an independent political candidate such as yourself—with all of the ESSENTIAL tools I’ve named above (and more)—did not win a primary election, a question shot through my mind:  “If she can’t do it, who the hell can?!?!?” Which leads me finally to the point of this letter…

I believe that one of the biggest reasons that our profoundly corrupted corporate-political climate has been allowed to gain so much ground is because the independent-thinkers have not STOOD TOGETHER! They have not created a unified herd. And, damn it…it’s time.

It’s time for YOUR camp to join with Jesse Ventura’s camp…to join with Ralph Nader’s camp…to join with Deepak Chopra’s camp…to join with the Thrive Movement’s camp…to join with the Zeitgeist Movement’s camp…to join with Breaking the Set’s camp…to join with Buzzsaw’s camp…to join with The Venus Project’s camp…to join with Alex Jones’ camp…to join with…

For the sake of LIFE ON EARTH!
For the sake of BEAUTY!
For the sake of LOVE itself:  PLEASE JOIN YOUR CAMPS!

Call for the universal support of all of your united followers! The people CAN and WILL respond to your banded leadership. But you all must put your minor differences aside and develop common running themes that can be injected with love and respect back into the living entity that is your people—and do it quickly!

All of the names I’ve listed above (and many more) have claimed to truly care about creating a holistically wholesome culture and environment. And, if these claims are true, then, the trivial differences regarding “how” this is accomplished must be put aside. You, the intentional-compassionate-wealthy must do this. This is your responsibility. We, the people, will support you. We will follow your lead. We will respond to the truth…but only if SOMEONE PROVIDES THAT TRUTH! Only if YOU provide it! And, as we have all recently witnessed in your campaign, no one can do it alone. You must band together with your fellow intentional-compassionate-wealthy. Your supporters are too busy with their jobs, their mortgages, their car payments, their child’s daycare, their college tuition, and their taxes-taxes-taxes to do this. As the intentional-compassionate-wealthy…this is your task, and yours alone:  Unite us.

Here is the formula:

  • Band together.
  • Organize your message.
  • Rally your troops.
  • Repeat as necessary.


You can do it. I know you can.

Finally, I apologize–and please forgive me–if any of my words have seemed to attack or criticize you in any way, for that was/is not my intention. Like you, I only want to share with my species what I have experienced and come to know as the best things in life.

With great Love and Respect, and Very Truly Yours,


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About the Author…
Noah James Hittner is an independent Author and Musician from rural Wisconsin who has appeared on both radio and network television. His books and music inspire the mind and warm the heart. To contact Noah, or explore more of his work, visit:

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  • Joy A Hittner

    Wow, Mr. Hittner, what a powerful and beautiful message!


    This is what happened the last Peter Joseph (founder of TZM) tried to sit down with Alex Jones. The dude’s mental he even called Noam Chomsky a new order shill for not being pro gun.

    • noahhittner

      Hello Anonymous,

      The challenges between Alex Jones and Peter Joseph embody my entire point for writing this open letter. This is exactly the kind of conflict of interests that needs to be set aside in an adult, mature manner in order for a holistically sustainable culture to be created. None of us can do it alone. And so, if/when I come across an entity claiming to truly want what’s best for humanity…and yet refusing to cooperate with others of like-mind…I must question the motives and intentions of that entity regardless of how profound that entity’s message is.

      Thank you for taking the time to connect.


      • Jeannie Stanislawski

        If the Sun comes up tomorrow it is never too late. Envision it, step out, think win! Marianne your vision and incite displayed in the books you.have written is so so on target. And Noah your on the same page with her. I solute you both!! If we could all just set the Ego aside. We would be a better “UNITED WE STAND” USA.

  • Marianne Williamson

    Dear Noah, thanks for you letter. I assure you, I tried to unite those camps. But you’d be surprised at how territorial some people can be. I’ve often heard it said that the Left is a circular firing squad. We did have the opportunity here that you describe, but the willingness of some people to collaborate was less than you might assume it would have been. That piece — that if one of us is doing it, we should see it as all of us doing it — still hasn’t reached the level of intensity we need, apparently. But God bless you for catching the dream.

    • NoahHittner


      Thank you so much for taking the time to write. Your communication is priceless and shows a rare brand of sincerity. Though I am not entirely surprised, it still saddens me to hear of how others responded to your efforts to collaborate.

      In a recent Facebook post you wrote, “If this consciousness is not held, and the energy is not acted on, then it will simply disperse into the atmosphere and lose its collective force.”

      I completely agree. The election is over, but the time is still NOW. Thus, if there is ever any way that I can more directly assist your efforts, please let me know.

      From the bottom of my heart–all the best to you and your team…