Enlightening the Zeitgeist: 3 Reasons for Revolution — PART 2

REASON #2:  The Electoral Process—An Illusion of Choice

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What would you say if I told you that when we go to the polls to vote for a president, we’re not actually getting a real choice, but are merely offered an “illusion of choice” between two dominant political parties (the Republicans and the Democrats)? What if I told you that there was an intentional effort to keep the public trained into believing that no other candidates are relevant or viable, and that the entire process was set in place in order to ensure that only members of one of those two parties could become president?

Why might this be? First of all, we’ve been programmed to believe that the Republicans and Democrats are what the government is supposed to be. But this is simply not true. What if I told you that the concept of “political parties” has become ingrained into our idea of government and politics over time simply because they have been there for so long, but that—like money—these parties only have the value we as the people assume them to have…making them fundamentally NON-essential to our political process, and perhaps—as of late—a dangerous liability?

You see, the Republicans and Democrats, generally speaking, are merely different sides of the same coin. This is evidenced not by where they actively disagree, but rather, where they have remained mutually silent:  Our corrupted monetary system and its parent institution—The Federal Reserve. As discussed in PART 1, this is the ORIGINAL PROBLEM. All social, political, economic and environmental disharmonies begin there. For, there can be no harmony and no rest in a culture operating solely on the principal of debt, profit, power and capitalism first…and the sustainability of its people and planet last. Thus, due to a lack of ability to create real, sustainable change in this area, our monetary disaster—via the private central bank known as The Federal Reserve—appears to have been mutually endorsed by both the Democratic and Republican parties through their shared silence and inaction.

The Commission on Presidential Debates (The CPD)…
If you’re skeptical about the idea of the two parties working together to maintain control over our political system, here is proof:  The CPD. Have you heard of it? It is a corporation that was started years ago by the chairs of the Democratic and Republican parties in order to seize control of the Presidential Debates. It is no stretch of the imagination to realize that leaving such a profoundly important political happening in the hands of two major political parties creates an equally profound conflict of interest of which the people inevitably suffer the consequences.

The Democratic and Republican party-run CPD created what’s known as the “15% barrier” which basically states that in order for a third-party candidate (a non-republican and non-democrat) to be allowed into the Presidential debates, that candidate must first have 15% support in national polls.

TRANSLATION:  Third-party candidates must first have the popular support—that they are seeking by appearing in the presidential debates in the first place—prior to appearing in the presidential debates. This is what is referred to as a catch 22.

Only once since the CPD took over control of the debates in 1988 has a third-party candidate been allowed to debate—requiring the billionaire status of Ross Perot in 1992. Since the inception of the 15% barrier, not one single third-party candidate has been allowed to participate in the debates—not one.

In fact, in the first presidential debate of 2000, third-party candidate Ralph Nader was such a threat to the Democratic and Republican parties (represented by Gore and Bush), that not only was he not allowed to debate them, he was also told—by police—to leave the grounds under threat of arrest when he tried to attend as an audience member. The agenda of the CPD to maintain a stranglehold over the presidential debates in order to maintain the “illusion of choice” has never been so transparent.

If that wasn’t enough, it has also been reported that the candidates dictate many conditions that determine how the debates will proceed, including the screening of questions and the handpicking of which questions are to be asked! Furthermore, the two major party candidates have agreed that they will not appear on any other debates with any other candidates, in essence, giving the CPD a monopoly on the debates.

So, what we have is an INTENTIONALLY-CREATED SYSTEM whereby the essential alternative philosophies of potential third-party candidates are silenced by the fact that they are unable to receive any mass media exposure. It doesn’t take much thought to imagine the all-out carnage to voter education that this causes—by not allowing to occur—a truthful, authentic debate on issues that the people want to know about.

The result of this kind of corrupted electoral process is that it has guaranteed the placement into office those who have allowed systems such as the Federal Reserve to dictate the nation’s future. If the people—the masses—were able to hear more clearly the voices of those potential leaders who more clearly resembled themselves and their own values, the voices of those whose interests lie in the creation of a holistically-sustainable culture, the voices of those who would seek to cultivate a logically compassionate brand of leadership—a brand of leadership that would not succumb to the current propagandist, warmongering tactics of fear, hate, and terror in order to persuade public opinion—a brand of leadership that would not perpetually fly the false flag of “Patriotism” in order to carry out financial and otherwise elitist agendas…if we the people were able to hear THOSE VOICES, then perhaps a revolution would not be far behind.

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