Enlightening the Zeitgeist: 3 Reasons for Revolution — PART 1

REASON #1:  The Monetary System—Built to Create Debt-Servitude

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What would you say if I told you that the Federal Reserve (the institution in command of the production of our money supply) was not a part of the federal government? And, a likely reason that it carries the “Federal” part of its name is to encourage the assumption that it is indeed a federal entity…which, again, it absolutely is not.

The fact of the matter is that the Federal Reserve is a privately-owned central bank masquerading as a government agency for the people. It, quite literally, is a group of wealthy elite who were empowered many years ago—by our own government—to have monopolistic command over the nation’s money supply. This system was put in place as a means of control. He who controls the money—controls all.

How it Works…
Essentially, the Federal Reserve prints the money and loans it to our government…at interest. Therein lies the first and most fundamentally corrupt control system:  Where is the interest supposed to come from?

EXAMPLE:  Let’s say a brand-new country creates a brand-new central bank like the Federal Reserve, and that central bank prints the country’s first batch of money. For the sake of keeping things simple, let’s say it prints $10. The bank delivers that money to the new country’s government—at 5% interest. The quandary is this:  Where is the 5% going to come from when it was never printed in the first place? You guessed it—the central bank, once again, via the phenomenon known as “inflation.” This in turn creates what? You guessed it—more debt.

Thus…a National Debt is created.

This is an extremely simplified example. Yet, what it means is that every single dollar in circulation represents debt—every single dollar. And, this is a debt that cannot possibly be paid off under the arrangement of our current monetary system, because the amount of money owed back to the Federal Reserve will always exceed the amount of money that currently exists in circulation—due to the phenomenon known as “interest.” It doesn’t take much of an imagination to realize the hopeless brand of financial slavery this paradox creates for the public. This system benefits only those at the top of the fiscal food chain, and leaves the rest holding the proverbial bag.

What’s more, our money, though once backed by gold, is no longer backed by anything whatsoever. This means that the private central bank, known as the Federal Reserve, prints up complicated-looking green bills worth no more than the paper and ink used to make them. The only thing that gives those fancy-looking bills any “real” value is our belief in the system itself—solidified by our decades of servitude. The entire money-machine is built on the idea of scarcity. Our public’s belief in its value—combined with a great and terrible fear of not having enough—is absolutely crucial to the perpetuation and success of that machine.

The ramifications that this kind of monetary system has had on our society are astronomical. There is very strong evidence to support the notion that the financial crises of our country have been deliberate, calculated, and executed in order for the wealthy elite to further consolidate their wealth and power. This includes, but is not limited to, The Great Depression as well as the financial crisis of 2008. By manipulating the ebb and flow of the money supply and interest rates—in order to evoke financial crises—the wealthy elite have been able to acquire the property, land and resources from those at the bottom of the fiscal food chain who have inevitably gone broke along the way. It is as brilliant as it is sinister.

Sound ridiculous?!? Consider the following reality of how our banking system works today, and then ask yourself:  Who in their right mind—who claims to love a country and its people—would create a system like this:

The Fractional Reserve System of Banking:  Money Out of Nowhere…
Under the fractional reserve system of banking, when a deposit is made into a bank, that bank is then allowed to use a certain percentage of the deposit (let’s say roughly 90%) as a basis for new loans to other customers. Let me repeat:  The bank is then allowed to use a certain percentage of that deposit as a basis for new loans…therein lies the catch. While common sense might suggest that the 90% to be loaned is coming from the aforementioned deposit…this is simply not the case. Under the fractional reserve system, the bank is allowed to create that amount of money…out of thin air.

EXAMPLE:  John Doe deposits $1000 into a bank. Under the fractional reserve system of banking, the bank is then allowed to loan a percentage of that money out (let’s say roughly 90% or $900) to other customers. So, John Q Public comes to the bank and asks for a loan of $900. Once again, it is very logical to assume that the $900 would be coming out of the original $1000 deposit. But this is simply not what’s going on. The bank actually creates that $900 out of nowhere—as mere digits on a screen. Then, when that new $900 loan is deposited, the cycle continues.

What this means is that, under the fractional reserve system, a bank can give you a “loan” of money that isn’t real, was never printed, was created out of nowhere, and is represented by mere digits on a computer screen. This makes the bank’s liability strictly theoretical because it hasn’t actually given you anything. Yet, what is required of you is to make loan payments with your actual/real money, and if you happen to default on your loan, the bank can seize your assets.

TRANSLATION:  The bank risks nothing by giving you nothing real—but can take everything real from you. They get something for nothing. When a person takes from another person in this way, it’s called a “crime.” When a bank does it, it’s called “money-creation.”

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we’ve all generally agreed to the notion that a particular amount of “money” entitles us to a particular amount of resources (food, shelter, heat, transportation, stuff, etc.), or what we might otherwise call:  An inherent ability or potential to exist. So henceforth, let’s simply call money:  Existence Potential. Thus, according to our current monetary system, the wealthy, particularly the wealthy elite, are granted far more potential to exist than the non-wealthy. (And yes, they have indeed been “granted” this right via our universal agreement about the value of our paper bills.) So, let’s break this down:  One group of people has more green paper than another; and, because of this fact, those with lots of that green paper are entitled to more of the Earth’s resources.

Reflexively, I am inclined to ask the question, “Is that fair?” But, on second thought, I don’t think that “fairness” has anything to do with it. The more relevant question—in regard to a holistically-sustainable world—might be, “Does it make any sense?” From the perspective of competition and capitalism, the answer is undoubtedly a booming “Yes!” But, we’re talking about life here, about our fellow man, about our world and environment, about all of the things that made capitalism possible in the first place—NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

Which brings us to the fundamental problem with our current monetary system:  You see, the system is always-always-always self-justified in its unrelenting acquisition of more and more Existence Potential (more money) even if it means war, bailouts, poverty, pollution and the like. This type of value system is a direct result of our universal agreement on how and why we’ve come to value money. To reiterate, for the majority of people, money directly represents the ability to acquire resources needed to survive. It translates directly as Existence Potential. Therefore, the acquisition of it—in whatever manner is deemed necessary in the moment—will always be paramount to the entity—whether that entity be an individual, a company, or a nation. The acquisition of Existence Potential will always precede any ideas of Sustainability because, in our current system, the two are quite naturally seen as mutually exclusive—particularly when survival of the entity is perceivably at stake. This, in turn, propagates the “enemy-concept.” For, anyone who is perceived as a threat to the influx of Existence Potential (one’s ability to live) is then officially declared an enemy, a terrorist, a threat to national security.

In essence—via our current monetary system—we have all agreed that our inalienable right to life is not inalienable at all…it must actually be earned. And because this is so, the true well-being of our world, our neighbor, and ourselves can—and will—never come first. But if we—THE PEOPLE—decide on a new value system (a new paradigm that determines what and how we determine value), a system that considers the sustainability of our environmental and social wellbeing first and foremost, a system that fundamentally rejects the concept of the “enemy” and all of its protégés:  poverty, pollution, capitalism, and the like…if we the people make THIS DECISION, then perhaps a revolution would not be far behind.

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