Enlightening the Zeitgeist: 3 Reasons for Revolution — INTRODUCTION

What if Everyone Suddenly Knew?

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Enlighten:  To become informed, inspired, unburdened or empowered.
Zeitgeist:  The general outlook, spirit, or cultural climate of the times.

Revolution:  A sudden and profound brand of change.

Never akin to the world of politics during my first 3+ decades on planet Earth, things…well…have changed. But my newfound attraction to politics is not what you might think. The politics of today are not what have drawn me into this arena. It is the politics of tomorrow which have done that. I find little inspiration in today’s lobbying, corporatized, warring, and perception-manipulating brand of politics. What inspires me is the promise of what politics could be one day:

A species-wide expression of sustainability in our relationships to our environment, to each other, and to ourselves.

There is room for great purpose–for evolution–within the political arena–no matter how dark it seems. In fact, it is literally the flagship of the consciousness of our species! Our politics show us exactly what we have generally accepted to be true about ourselves as a people…thus far. What this ultimately means is that we have as a collective–each and every one of us–in one way or another–through our zealous fundamentalism or apathetic denial, our deceit or ignorance–created the corrupt political climate that we are all currently surviving. We are all responsible for it, but that does not imply blame or fault. In a manner of speaking, it’s nobody’s fault because it’s everybody’s fault. Our crooked political arena is simply the external/physical/visible manifestation of our evolutionary progress to this point. It could, quite literally, have happened no other way because we’ve done the best we can given the information that has been made available to us…to this point.

Following that line of thought, until we have become exposed to, or are somehow made aware of, realities or truths which challenge what we’ve always believed to be true…we are incapable of perceiving that we have a choice in the matter! In essence, to make a choice, we must first feel as though we have a choice—we must become aware of the choice.

The purpose of this article series is to contribute to that informative process so that we may all begin—as a community of free-thinkers—to perceive an entire new realm of choice, and to move forward from that point toward the creation of some revolutionary brand of new, sustainable politics.

That Said, What if Everyone Suddenly Knew…
What if we all suddenly knew—were made aware of the fact—that the Federal Reserve is not a federal institution, but rather a private central bank operated by a few wealthy elite; and, that those few wealthy elite have been empowered to decide how money works in order to perpetuate and consolidate their wealth and power?

What if we all suddenly knew—were made aware of the fact—that we don’t really get a choice in the election of the president; and, that we are merely offered an “illusion of choice” by a two-party system (the Republicans and the Democrats) that seeks only to perpetuate its rule?

What if we all suddenly knew—were made aware of the fact—that the bulk of our mass media outlets are owned by a mere handful of corporations; and, that this corporate media’s general theme—or intent—is to broadcast a distorted brand of information, which ultimately serves to enhance corporate power and profit margins, containing little or nothing to do with the notion of “truth”?

This three-tiered system of control via the Monetary, Electoral, and Media systems is elusive and phantasmal because we have all been indoctrinated into it over the course of our lives, our parents’ lives, and beyond. Exposing these systems is often labeled as “unpatriotic,” “conspiracy,” or “dissent.” Yet, I have found that the use of such absolutist terms is usually indicative that something of profound relevance has been stirred-up. If the masses—WE THE PEOPLE—all of us, suddenly knew the control systems mentioned above to be fact…what might happen? What could a nation of aware peoples accomplish with this kind of knowledge?

Thus, the Monetary System, the Electoral Process, and the Mass Media are the 3 Reasons for Revolution, and will be the focus of this multi-part discussion. Including this Introduction, it will run as follows:

INTRODUCTION:  What if Everyone Suddenly Knew?
PART 1:  Reason #1—The Monetary System—Built to Create Debt-Servitude
PART 2:  Reason #2—The Electoral Process—An Illusion of Choice
PART 3:  Reason #3—The Mass Media—Deliverers of False Reality
PART 4:  Revolutionary Solutions
CONCLUSION:  Excavating the Truth

I’m very much looking forward to sharing this information with all of you.

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