“In Loving Memory of Aajonus Vonderplanitz”

aajonus vonderplanitz 4-24-10I don’t typically ever check Facebook first thing in the morning. But, yesterday morning, for some reason…I did. And there it was…a post about Aajonus’s passing.

It was around 5:30 in the morning…I wept.

If you’re not familiar, Aajonus Vonderplanitz was another breed of human…a guru-warrior in a class all his own. He traveled the world for years, teaching raw food as medicine…raw meat, raw dairy, raw honey, raw vegetable juices, etc. The number of people’s lives that he served is dwarfed only by the profound degree to which his service affected them.

I am one of those people.

I discovered his work during the fall of 2007. And, quite literally, everything changed. His teachings of physical health, for me, have had an affect that has reached far beyond the physical, carrying over into my mental, emotional and spiritual lives as well. For it was because of his work that I realized my symbiotic relationship with all of the physical world; and from that, my fear of being victimized by my own body–vanished, just like that. He taught me to look deeper into what motivated me, to see my addictions clearly–and disarm them. Because Aajonus Vonderplanitz existed…I am a stronger man, a better man.

The bravery in his work was profound. For, to say that he went “against the grain” would be the understatement of the millennium. He taught that we are our own doctors. He taught that through the right combinations of nothing more than raw foods, our health can become robust–quite literally. He taught that our bodies are programmed to be healthy and full of vigor; and it is only because of our culture’s choice to use industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and processed/conventionally produced foods that we now suffer from all manner of disease. And, his track record with all varieties of patients (novice to terminal) speaks for itself. Simply stated, when his patients followed his word, they just got better.

He brought life and hope to many.

His legacy lives on in every one of his patients. I am his legacy. The work that I am able to do because of the new strength that I feel…his legacy. The growing sense of freedom and sovereignty that expands inside of me every day…his legacy.

I love you Aajonus. And although you are deeply and profoundly missed, I smile at the thought of the peace your warrior’s heart must now be experiencing. Thank you, so much.

’til we meet again…



For any of you curious to learn more about Aajonus Vonderplanitz’s work, please see the short YouTube Video below. Or, click HERE.
His website is:  http://www.wewant2live.com/

Also, he wrote 2 books, which I personally consider to be bibles of physical health:

  1. We Want to Live – The Primal Diet (Expanded and Revised in 2005)
  2. The Recipe for Living Without Disease

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  • Danny

    I was devastated when I heard the news. Like you Aajonus turned my life around. I only had one consult with him, however I feel lucky to have had the chance to meet him. I could only imagine the connection people have with him who have known him for longer periods of time. I only met him once and felt as though we were long lost friends. I will miss him greatly.

  • Joy

    A beautiful tribute! Like you, his teaching resonated truth for me. It gives me responsibility for my health in a way unlike any other. I am saddened at his passing on, but I feel so fortunate at having met him.

  • Jason

    We met Aajonus, when we were discussing how to come up with a legal system for raw milk in Ohio. I was blessed to able to attend the meeting. I was immediately intrigued by Aajonus and his way about him, I have never seen a man suck an egg, at a public establishment, he told us he was hungry, so we asked if he wanted to order something and then out popped his satchel with a half dozen eggs!! He mentioned his book, but I couldn’t wait for it to come in, I began eating raw eggs for the first time in my life the next day and my wife flipped. A short 8 months of communicating with Aajonus and doing my version of the Primal Diet, we met for a consult, and WoW!! I was amazed, confirming medical tests later proved his diagnosis correct, at the age of 27 I was suffering from osteoporosis. No worries though, a short 4 years on the Primal Diet and that was completely reversed. In short my wife and our six kids are all being nourished Primally and loving it, thanks to man I can call my hero, next to Christ, no man has done more for me, Aajonus, led me to the truth, gave my life back to me, and God willing we are gonna keep this going for him, I love you Aajonus, with a heart to heart hug!!

  • Thank you for your beautiful memories, Ray.

  • GoodIdea

    Thanks for posting this. I miss him too. He was really unique and tried to do so much for the world, maybe too much.

    His teachings saved my life. I was dying of liver hepatitis, ulcerative colitis, and liver cancer. 6 years later I’m better than ever, although I need to get back to the fundamentals that got me here.

    I was at one of his last seminars in Toronto before he passed away. He told us that he was in Thailand and was abducted and held down by men and injected with something. He also said an attempt was made on his life when his brakes were cut and his vehicle went off the road almost killing him. And that threats were made on his life in the US. So when I found out only months later than his “balcony collapsed” and sent him plummeting to his death, in a way I wasn’t surprised. He just p***ed off too many of the wrong people. Tells you something about our world doesn’t it?

    Anyway, losing him is tragic, for the world. It’s really rare that someone stands up for the truth, no matter what.

    • NoahHittner

      Thanks for the comment, GoodIdea.
      I think often about everything you mentioned. I wonder if there was/is a way that Aajonus’s brand of work can be done without the violence or threat of violence. Honestly, I really don’t know. Sometimes I wonder if perhaps we are all simply be pushed to discover what it is that we are willing to fight–and perhaps die–for.
      All the best to you.

  • marc

    I am so sad I never got to meet this man. I have been devouring his youtubes and just received his books. Wondering if you would recommend someone who could help me along the path? Thank you.

    • NoahHittner

      Hi Marc,
      Thanks for writing. Regarding a recommendation: I think the best thing to do would be to contact the administrator of his website with the same question. The site URL is: http://www.wewant2live.com/contact-us/

      All the best!

    • NoahHittner

      Also, here is their contact info:

      Nutritional Foundation for Well Being
      6613 Tampa Court, Las Vegas, Nevada 89108