Flesh & Metal Album Review by Eva Cantillo of The Equal Ground

Despite the somewhat unnerving album title, Flesh & Metal by Noah James Hittner is quite soothing and the album gives its listeners an opportunity to travel through an adventure of folk and blues-inspired sounds. The artist behind this release is based out of a rural part of Wisconsin and draws inspiration from his beautiful home environment as well as sounds from folk rock, hip hop and even electronic styles. While listening, you can hear there is definitely a dynamic to Hittner’s music that shows he is passionate not only about his own music, but purely the craft itself.

The track titled “Valley Of The Sine Wave” starts off quite unsuspecting; then before you know it, the mesmerizing process begins and you are quickly swept away to an electric city of soulful funk and downtown southern swag. The song begins with a few lyrical chords for almost more than a minute, then the real story starts to unfold; “beggin not to leave me alone, but you went and left me alone, you left me alone.” All of this is backed by a newfound beat that then ascends even further by the addition of a stronger string and more brash percussion. As the song progresses, you really start to dig the beat and it makes you want to get up and move your feet.

“Pines” is a lovely song that is void of lyrics and lets listeners fall deep into the sweet folk-inspired melodies of the track. The following song “Wonder” seems like it has a conflicting, intricate beat as if the timing is off. Despite that, this song can be classified as disco, which is quite interesting and shows the musician’s capabilities to flutter through genres with ease. “Stay Beautiful” is arguably the highlight of the album. Hittner delivers a soulful vocal performance that carries the song.

Each of Hittner’s songs are very distinct and every song on Flesh & Metal carries a different arsenal of musical effects and vibrations that result in a very entertaining and pleasant listen. The music has depth and a light airiness that makes it an “all the time” music collection to listen to, especially for anyone interested in folk or blues music.

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(The official music video for the song, “Stay Beautiful” from Noah’s 2nd solo album, Flesh & Metal.”)

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Noah James Hittner is an independent Author and Musician from rural Wisconsin who has appeared on both radio and network television. His books and music inspire the mind and warm the heart. To contact Noah, or explore more of his work, visit:  www.NoahJamesHittner.com.

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