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Hello lovers-of-music!
Let me be brief and quick to the point:  I am in the conceptual stages for the creation of a new online music platform that would seek-out, locate, and deliver all of the awesome independent, small-label music of the world (that most of us have never heard of) to music-lovers like you. It’s an exciting concept to say the least, and I could really use your help in identifying what you–the music-loving community–truly value about the craft of music.

Thus, I would deeply appreciate if you could fill out the extremely quick 5-question survey to the upper-right, and click on the “Click Here When Finished” button at the bottom when your done. (NOTE:  If you’re reading this via your Email newsletter subscription, please click HERE to take the survey.)

Thank you so much for your time and energy. I know full-well how rare and precious “spare-time” is these days. Your feedback is incredibly valuable.


 What Else is Happening…

  • COME TO A LIVE SHOW!  I am currently booking shows for my Winter schedule. Please see my schedule below, or click HERE; and I hope to see you at a show one day soon!
  • PRIVATE IN-HOME CONCERTS:  A great addition to warm Winter parties! My private shows start at just $150 for 2-3 hours of live music.

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Noah James Hittner is an independent Author and Musician from rural Wisconsin who has appeared on both radio and network television. His books and music inspire the mind and warm the heart. To contact Noah, or explore more of his work, visit:

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