Essential Raw Recipes, PART 4: The Raw Sauce


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This series of articles is meant to supplement my previously published 2-part article series titled, Extreme Raw-Fooding.” Reading that series is, in my humble opinion, somewhat essential in order to fully comprehend and appreciate the following information. Thus, I would highly recommend doing so if you haven’t already. Reason being:  In this my eighth year of raw-fooding in this fashion, it has been my experience that most individuals do not have a total-picture approach to eating raw—which very crucially and essentially includes the consumption of raw animal proteins (i.e., raw meat, raw eggs, etc.). For many, many reasons the idea of eating raw animal proteins carries with it a deep negative stigma created from generations of misinformation surrounding concepts such as the myth of “the germ,” the vital role of bacteria, and others. Reading Extreme Raw-Fooding addresses those questions while also explaining the numerous benefits of eating our fats, proteins and carbohydrates in their raw, unadulterated state. Essentially, absorbing that information in advance will create a more natural context for the information in this new series.

Now, on to:  “The Raw Sauce”…
I’ve been asked many times if I “miss” any of the cooked or refined foods that I once consumed. The answer, quite frankly, is:  absolutely not. This is because one of the most amazing features of this brand of raw-fooding is that cravings seem to vanish. As the body is more and more consistently given what its DNA calls for, a balance is forged, and what was once craved (i.e. salty and sugary refined foods, alcohol, etc., which serve to profoundly disrupt the body’s ability to maintain homeostasis) no longer has a hold.

The following recipe has played an enormous role in my raw-fooding adventure. Particularly, it can help individuals who want to make the leap into raw-fooding, but are worried about the taste or texture of raw meats. “The Raw Sauce” is a delicious, nutritious, completely raw condiment to add incredible flavor, enjoyment, and healthfulness to raw meat meals. There are SO MANY other recipes of this nature which can be found in resources 3 and 4 below. However, this recipe is something I consider to be a staple.

SAUCE FINALIngredients for “The Raw Sauce”:
(NOTE:  The following quantities will make roughly 30oz of sauce. Feel free to adjust the amounts and ratios to fit your individual tastes and needs. ALSO, it is always preferable that all ingredients be organic whenever possible.)

  1. 2lbs or 30oz raw tomatoes—I personally prefer Roma tomatoes
  2. ½ small raw onion (.17lbs or 2.7oz)—I personally prefer red onion
  3. .5oz fresh raw basil
  4. 2-4 tablespoons olive oil—Olive oil should be cold-pressed below 96 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain its healthful properties and prevent the oil from becoming damaged and toxic. Producers can be contacted to discover the maximum temperature the oil reaches during processing and bottling.
  5. 1-2 tablespoons raw apple cider vinegar
  6. 2-4 rounded tablespoons unheated honey—The honey must not exceed 93 degrees Fahrenheit during any phase of its creation or production. Like any other food, when cooked, honey becomes toxic. Producers can be contacted to discover the maximum temperature the honey reaches during processing and bottling.
  7. Optional:
    • 1 clove fresh raw garlic—or to taste
    • Fresh raw dill—to taste
    • Fresh raw oregano—to taste

Instructions for making “The Raw Sauce”:

  1. Simply place ingredients into your blender or food processor (chop ingredients beforehand as necessary) and hit the blend button…that’s it.
  2. Store in glass jar with as little air as possible inside the jar in order to keep the sauce fresh for as long as possible. I usually make about one week’s worth at a time, storing it all in 2-3 separate jars.
  3. Pour over your raw meat of choice (beef, buffalo, lamb, pork, fish or fowl) and enjoy. I often place a half pound of organic, grass-fed ground beef into a bowl, add chopped/chunked avocado, cover everything in “The Raw Sauce”, and dig in.

As mentioned in the previous installments of this article series, it is always best to purchase and consume foods and ingredients that are organic—whenever possible. This is because organic foods are created without the use of toxic pesticides, herbicides, and a plethora of other industrial chemicals of the agriculture industry, the consumption of which can make us all very ill. Essentially, it’s pretty simple:  The more natural the conditions are while the food is being raised—the healthier the food will be for our consumption.

The combination of fresh, raw ingredients in “The Raw Sauce” creates a healthful concoction with many benefits. For example:  Raw tomatoes are great for hydration, unheated honey promotes healthy digestion, cold-pressed olive oil helps cleanse the body, and raw apple cider vinegar promotes healing—just to name a few. When combined with one’s raw meat of choice, what results is profoundly nutritious—particularly for the athlete and/or fitness enthusiast with a goal of optimal physical health. But once again, perhaps most importantly of all…

It tastes delicious.

Please feel free to comment on this article about your experiences with “The Raw Sauce”, and offer your own unique recipe alterations and ideas. For many other raw recipes, see references 2 and 3 below.

Here’s to your health!


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